Another Yummy Dinner at O’Faul’s Ironhorse Tavern at Sanders Corner

The food is consistently good. They also have a raw bar with yummy oysters.






A spontaneous visit this evening.

The specials were duck legs with an Asian slaw (one duck leg $14, two duck legs $26)

Rock fish with wonderful sauces, and a pasta dish that sounded so good.

I have had their rock fish dish and it was divine.

My dining companion insisted on an odd appetizer, the decadent macaroni and cheese.

We also split a blondie with Prigel’s strawberry and fudge ice cream.

Please visit Prigel’s Creamery on Long Green Road, you can meet the cows when they cross the road around 4 pm.

Their milk shakes are so rich that a straw can not help in the beginning.

They supply blankets for those who would like to sit outside with their ice cream.


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