Yummy Bites to Eat Here and There in Baltimore

IMG_20150328_164834342  I had planned to go to the Steeplechase the other Saturday, yet helped friends out instead. I took photos of their rental house in Canton.

If you know of any one who is interested in renting it, please let us know. It is near the major grocery store in the area and the neighbors are quiet nice.

So, of course, we had to stop at Mamas on the Half Shell for their Cajun butter mussels, just divine.  Then fried oysters with a grainy mustard aioli. I brought

the lovely shells home. They are huge and just gorgeous.





sanders cr                                                                sander cr2

McFaul’s IronHorse Tavern at Sander’s Corner, the Friday before Valentine’s Day had lobster ravioli and seared medallions of duck breast. Both entrees were so yummy.

Just the other day, we had the above lobster bisque and I had a burger with blue cheese, onions and bacon.

The burger is from a local farm, Albright’s. I know them. They have been farming for many generations. I bought veggies from their downtown farmers’ market stand for years. Lilly, my dog, has eaten chicken that they freeze for dogs.

The youngest generation bought their grandmother’s farm and are doing many things there. Their father has two farms. I am very good friends with their grandmother.  Oh, burger night is Sunday, the burger prices start at $8.


Captain Larry’s on Fort Avenue makes every thing from scratch. They always have two quiches, and a yummy fish taco. The soups are usually very good. The other day, the turkey burger was just the thing for a cold day.

IMG_20150314_185121329                         IMG_20150314_185132055

          The annual oyster dinner at the Maryland Yacht Club is marked on the calendar every year. This year, the new chef ordered the oysters himself and shucked them also. The next day I asked if the oysters on the half shell could be cooked in some fashion, and he did a fabulous job, they rested on tiny beds of spinach with cheese, and bits of bacon.

Koopers North on Padonia Road has burger night on Tuesdays, their Certified Black Angus 9 burgers are also from a local farm, Creekstone Farms. Below is an oyster appetizer and a decadent pizza with onions, cheese and bacon.



Earlier this evening Rock Creek Racing Association had a meeting at the Maryland Yacht Club.

I had a steak salad which was very good. If any one would like to race or crew this season with RCRA please contact me.

Also the Maryland Yacht Club is accepting new members, you can be a social member if you do not have a boat, or do not keep it there.


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