The Bangkok Oriental Fine Dining & Drinks Pasadena Md

Please visit this yummy restaurant. The owner has had it for thirty years, and it is a token of love for the food.

He uses healthy chicken, beef and shrimp and is such a gracious soul. We should have more souls like him.
He greeted me with a hug today and says that I am one of the originals. There was a woman (a AYC member) who traveled extra miles to lunch there.

He told me years ago that people would go out of their way to dine there.


img_0082I could not decide on chicken, beef or shrimp so I asked him to surprise me. He combined them with the divine basil.

Every thing is made from scratch, and he may retire in a year or so. He may have someone who can take it over. He wants some one who has the heart to do it as he does.


Please visit and tell him that I told you about it.

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