2017 Pearson Sailing Association Dun Cove Pursuit Race

2017 Pearson Sailing Association
Dun Cove Pursuit Race
Notice of Race/GSI Amendment
Saturday 10 June 2017
Entry Due: Friday 9 June 2017 Entry Fee: $ 0.00
Send To / Tom O’Farrell
Contact: Triton499@gmail.com. Send skipper and boat name, make and model, sail #, PHRF rating
(if you don’t have one, one will be assigned), and whether you will use a spinnaker. You
will be notified of your start time.
Start: Between the RC flying the PSA Burgee (see burgee image above) and G “1” (Fl G 4s) off
of the West River (CBYRA Region 3 mark “Z”).
Finish: Between the RC flying the PSA Burgee and Harris Creek Fl R 2.5s 18ft. “2-H”. If no RC
boat is present, finish by passing Harris Creek Fl R 2.5s 18ft. “2-H” within 4 boat lengths
and take your time.
Course: Choptank “G-7” (Fl G 4s Bell) to Choptank “R-10” (Fl R 2.5s Bell). Leave marks to port.
Signals: The “really old fashioned” way of starting: (this changes RRS 26)
Starting sequence is:
Yellow Flag, 3 horns
Red Flag, 2 horns
Red Flag down, Horn with each start
1055 Warning
PHRF 1100 Start boat #1
We will try to give each PHRF rating a start signal by radio on Channel 69, but your assigned start
time will govern in the event of an omission or error.
Time limit: 6 hours to the first mark. The race will be shortened to G-7 if the first boat rounds that
mark after 1630.
Awards: Awards will be presented at the raft up in Dun Cove or mailed later. Normally awards are
given for 1st-5
place. Singlehanded awards may be given.
Other: VHF Channel 69 will be monitored. Yachts retiring from the race are requested to notify
the race committee by hail, VHF or cell phone (call someone!).
Raft-up: After finishing, proceed to Dun Cove for the raft-up. Please remember be ready with your
own lines and fenders. If you are an anchor boat, please pick a spot that is well protected
and that can accommodate a number of boats. If a South wind, the further West into the
Cove the better. Also, if you need to leave early, please tie up on the outside of the raft.
Please bring extra food and drinks to share with others.
Results: Will be posted on PSA web site (http://www.cbpsa.org) and will be e-mailed

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